September 8, 2020

What Is The Manychat ID?

If you are using Manychat to help automate your Facebook Messaging, including getting leads and sales from Facebook Messenger, then you probably want to start recording the user’s Manychat ID.

The Manychat ID is a unique ID assigned to each Facebook user that interacts with your Manychat flow(s).

Today I am going to show you why you should record and how to record it.

The Unique Identifier

Whenever you use a tool to get traffic, leads and sales for your business, you always want some kind of unique identifier that lets you know a specific actions came from that unique person.

For example, if someone gave you some feedback on your product, you would want to match that feedback to the person it came from, so you can then match it back to any previous actions that they did. You can match it back to when they became a lead or when they purchased something.

This way, you have the most amount of insight possible before you give final thoughts on the review you read.

When you are getting this kind of activity, usually the unique identifier would be an email address or a phone number.

However that is not the case for Manychat. Although you can get the person’s email address and phone number, they might also have the same email address or phone number used on another Facebook account.

Therefore, the main unique identifier when communicating via Facebook Messenger would be the person’s unique ID number.

Where To Put The MCID

Usually when I record the MCID, I would record it in any CRM system that I have. So if you record your customer actions and transactions in Google Sheets, then you can record it there.

Alternatively, if you have an email marketing software that acts as your CRM as well, then you should record it there. Lastly, if you have a specific CRM software like Zoho, then you would record the MCID there.

You should record the MCID for every person that passes through any of these CRM systems that you might have.

Here is an example of what my Google Sheets CRM looks like with Manychat ID’s in the first row:

You can see that each row has a unique MCID and all the actions done by the specific person who is unique to the MCID.

Pro tip: Before your Manychat flow starts recorded MCIDs to your Google Sheet, you want to make sure that your MCID column is set to Plain Text format. If you leave the MCID column in the Automatic text format, it will start to record the MCID in a weird format like below:

If the MCID is recorded in that weird format, Manychat will have a hard time matching to the MCID and will create a new row instead.

That is why you see 5 different rows of the same MCID in weird format above.

I also have the MCID recorded in my email marketing software like Mailerlite:

That way all my profiles in Manychat and Mailerlite are always synchronized.

To achieve this, I connected Manychat with Mailerlite via Integromat. When passing data from Manychat to Mailerlite, I made sure to include the Manychat ID with the new subscriber.

In Conclusion

So there you have it. That is what the Manychat ID is, why you should use it, and how you can use it.

Have you used the Manychat ID for an interesting function that I haven’t mentioned?

Comment below and I would love to trade ideas!

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