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Online Ordering without Paying Fees and Commissions

Stop leaving money on the table.

Hi my name is Wilson and I've helped restaurateurs stay in business by helping them build online ordering systems using their own WordPress website, which means they don't have to pay any fees or commission to 3rd party platforms.

So far, Jerry has gotten $5657.78 in orders within 2 weeks without paying 30% commission, which means he saved a little more than $1500. What would a $1500 savings do for you at this time?

Also, Rita has gotten $1091.38 in orders without paying 30% commission, saving her over $300 dollars in margins.

We're currently only taking on 10 clients and we are doing this for free to help the restaurant community. If you have a WordPress website, click here to apply. If you are one of the first 10 to qualify, you will get your online ordering site at no cost.

This is what some sample sites would look like:

  • https://offers.rustichouselosaltos.com
  • https://order.kokisgrille.com

This is exactly what you will get:

  • responsive ordering site that looks beautiful and intuitive on desktop, tablet and mobile
  • a menu page with tabs that is way easier to navigate than your typical 3rd party online ordering platforms
  • a payment page where customers can review the order, add to the order, add tip, 
  • automatic emails that confirm the customer's order and let the customers know when to pick up the order
  • a dashboard with a list of all of your orders
  • training videos on how to edit menu items, edit menu options, edit everything
  • direct access to my support team (we answer really really fast) so I can help answer any questions you may have
  • how to integrate this online ordering into your operations
    • receive order on website, input into POS
  • plus you'll join a network of restaurateurs trying to stay open and serve their community


  • 3rd party platforms charge up to 30%. You save 30% per order using your own website.
  • You keep all the contacts, data, etc.
  • Order notifications by email, text or your own dashboard
  • Payments go straight into a payment processor which then gets cleared to your bank account


  • Doesn't automate with POS, have to input orders that go to your website to your POS manually
  • Uses Stripe or Paypal instead of your current payment processing provider
  • Only for pickup

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