August 11, 2020

Manychat Static Fields

If you have a Manychat bot, you are probably constantly putting your business information in your chat messages such as your business name, address, phone number, email and more.

If you memorize your business information, then bravo – your memory is amazing and you can type in your business information every single time.

But if you don’t have all your business info memorized, and even if you want your messages to automatically update in case your business changes its business info, then this write-up is for you.

Today I am going to teach you how to save your business information as dynamic text in your messages so that you never have to worry about your business information being wrong ever again!

When you are in your Manychat dashboard, click on Settings then click on Custom Fields:

Now, there are two different types of custom fields: user fields and bot fields.

User fields are fields that help build the profile of your chatbot users. Say for example you want to save information about your chatbot users like their birthday or the date that they first interacted with your bot.

These types of information would be fields that you add as user fields.

The second type of fields are the fields that we will be working with today: bot fields.

Bot fields are used to save information for your business or handy-dandy bot. One of the most popular ways bot fields are used are when you want to distribute a set of unique coupon codes. You can then use the bot field to start a counter at 1. Then, as each person views a unique coupon code, you can increase the counter +1 which will then signal the bot to give the next coupon code.

The way we are going to use bot fields today will be to display your business information.

After you click on Custom Fields, select Bot Fields. Then click on +New Bot Field.

As you can see, I already set some Bot Fields for the business that is using this bot. I set the business address, business email, and business phone number.

When you click on +New Bot Field, you can enter the details of the Bot Field:

You can enter the name of the Bot Field, the Type, Value and Description (optional).

For this example, I re-input the Business Address. Once you are done filling in your details, click on Create to create the bot field.

To confirm that you created it, you should see it in your Bot Field list:

Once you see that, you can now use it in your messages!

One of the main ways I use bots is to distribute coupons so I can help businesses get more visits and orders.

Usually, the coupons have a set of rules and restrictions such as “This coupon can only be used at [address].” When a coupon has that rule, I simply input my Business Address Bot Field in place of the address.

Here’s an example:

You can see that I have another Bot Field in there as well. I love dynamic fields!

Bot Fields can save you a bunch of time and frustration with forgetfulness. One more example I can give you is if you give your WiFi password with your bot. I know there are some of you out there that change your WiFi password!

So now, instead of looking where you put your WiFi password, you can make a Bot Field for your WiFi Password. Then, you can just go into your WiFi Password Bot Field and update that. The changes will reflect every message you put your WiFI Password Bot Field in!

What are some other ways you’ve used Bot Fields to put static information in your bot messages?

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