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January 16, 2020

How To Download Original Instagram Photos Without Using Other Unreliable Software

How To Save/Download Instagram Photos and Videos

Sometimes, I’m on Instagram longer than I need to be. The photo sharing app has over 40 billion photos to date and an average of 95 million photos or videos being shared per day.  It is just so difficult to close the app and set my phone down, especially when the explore feed starts showing me NBA highlights.

Some content I come across speaks to me on a personal level and, with so much going on in my life, I sometimes forget valuable quotes and lessons I come across. With that said, I had the idea to start screenshotting. However, I don’t open my Photos app too often. So, I got into downloading the photos and putting them in a slideshow on a digital photo frame.

After I learned how to download content from Instagram, I started to repost some of it.

Download Single Photos

I follow @foundr, an Instagram account that covers entrepreneurship. They always post great quotes that get my day started..

Or if I tell myself that I’m going on Instagram just to check something quickly, it reminds me to close the app, put my phone down, and get back to work!

One of the posts that got me out of bed 10 minutes earlier than expected was this one:

I wanted this to inspire me more often than not, so to keep it in a place where it wouldn’t just collect dust and I would forget about it, like my iPhone Photo Album.

I wanted to download it and put it in a digital photo frame, so this is what I did:

I right clicked on the photo in my Chrome Browser and clicked on Inspect:

What this does is give me the HTML code of the page I am looking at. The highlighted area in blue is the the code of the exact element I right-clicked on.

We are going to look at the code to access the photo 

Save On Instagram

Download to phone

Screenshot, then edit

Download to laptop/desktop

I found a chrome extension where you can input the link of the photo or video you want to download and it will let you save as any file time (jpeg, png, gif, etc.) It works pretty well.

It will also let you download videos in mp4, avi, 3pg, flv, mov, mpeg.


The only caveat to using this Chrome Extension is that it automatically saved the file name with random numbers and letters. You will have to rename the file manually.

I like to name the file in this structure: [username]

Also talk about resolution

Talk about multiple photos in 1 post

Download apps

Download All Photos

Did you find an Instagram user, location, or hashtag that has a collection of photos you’d like to save? Instead of downloading every single photo, you can download all of them in just a couple of clicks.

First, go to the page that has the photos you want to download.

I’m going to use this location page.

Scroll down until you load all of the photos you want to save.

Right click in a blank space on the page.

Click Save As…

Before you save, remember the folder you are saving to.

Then Save As Webpage.

Go to the folder that you saved to. There will be a folder with the location name, hashtag name, or username.

That folder will contain all of the pictures you loaded on the page.

Is there an easier way to download all without scrolling down?

Can we change filename?



Do you want to download every photo of an Instagram account?

Or photos from a location?

For some of my clients, I like to download photos that customers post at their location, then repost them on my clients’ social media accounts.

However,  tis a very repetitive task.

If you want to download past photos, do this.

[Does not work anymore] If you want to download all photos going forward, do this:


You need a paid zapier plan to do this

Is there a free way?

Get this recipe


Instagram lat long

Instagram location to google sheets

Google sheets template

Has conversion of media link to downloadable link

Google sheets to drive

Saves to media folder

Access via google drive


For personal use, I download photos to keep content that I find inspirational in a place that constantly reminds me like – like quotes.

For business use, I download photos for my clients so I can repost on their social media accounts.

What is the reason why you wanted to download photos from Instagram to your device?

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