Reward Loyal Customers

Give stamps or points after each customer transaction.
Exchange rewards for stamps or points.

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Works with iOS, Android, and Microsoft.

How It Works

1. Your customers can start earning points or stamps when they sign up via your loyalty card link or QR Code.

2. Only authorized staff members can give customers points or stamps with verified staff accounts. 

3. Customers keep coming back to receive rewards at your decided number of points or stamps. 

Easy Setup

1. Integrates with your existing systems.

Your customers download your stamp card via a link or QR code. The link can be shared on social media, email, text message, chat apps, and more! Your new digital loyalty card now lives in your customer's smart phone. Everytime they open their smartphone digital wallet, they will see your brand!

2. Build Customer Profiles, Automate Data.

When customers sign up and earn points, stamps and rewards, our system will help you automatically log each interaction. It will also collect email addresses and social profile information to build customer profiles. You scan. Your customers pick rewards. The software does the rest.

3. Metrics & Analytics

With all your customer loyalty activity happening, we help you keep track of how many stamps or points you give, to which person and at what date & time. All in one dashboard that you have access to at any time.

Unlock Guest Insights,
Maximize Guest Spend

Build your guest relations data as they use your WiFi.

100% Free Software. Get Instant Access by signing up above.


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