The Simplest Ways To Get More Guests

Our GUESTGROW™ system brings 500 more guests to each of your hospitality/entertainment locations in 30 days with certainty and consistency.

Learn the first step of generating more guests on demand.

Hospitality businesses see massive growth with GUESTGROW™

Guess Less, Get More Guests.

We help you laser focus on exactly what you need to execute in order to generate guests on demand, step by step in a complete proven system.

1. Groundwork

Develop a plan to say the right thing at the right time to the right person in the right place.

2. Guidance

Give your guests the best experience while also giving your restaurant consistent business outcomes. Win, win.

3. Growth

Create traffic that actually converts into reservations, orders and word of mouth.

Our ideas revolve around restaurant sales funnels and restaurant marketing funnels. Both of which have shown up to 17.51x return on investment.

From New Faces To Loyal Guests

Not only do we show you how to get new customers, but we also show you how to turn new faces into loyal guests, faster.










Join thousands of other Restaurateurs, Executives, and Chefs...

Jimmy Ube


"I just wanted to thank you for your work. After your advice, our sales has been up 5% so far!..."

Aki Yamaguchi


"...In total, we had 900 more customers than last year for SoCal and both AYCE and 50% off store did exceed last year result by far..."

Get it done, your way.

Four ways to implement GUESTGROW™ for your restaurant and generate guests on demand.

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About Wilson Muh & Guestgrow

Guestgrow is founded by Wilson Muh, a veteran restaurant marketer who has the experience of training global restaurant groups with over 700+ locations.

In the midst of the social media boom, Wilson taught restaurants how to take advantage of viral content and social proof, resulting in 7 figure sales growth.

Social platforms continue to evolve and restaurants continue to gain traction, so Wilson is always looking for the most cost-efficient and brand-lifting methods to acquire more guests. Contact Guestgrow today to learn more.